• Dissolvable burst disk and internal impact device
  • Built in Wireline re-entry guide
  • Can be setup for a variety of overbalance situations
  • Prevents well bore fluid from entering the work string
  • Available in mule shoe / box / pin connections
  • Pressure and internal impact activation for enhanced disk removal


  • Ensures a complete break up and removal of the internal barrier upon activation
  • Eliminates risk of poor production associated with partial disk break out
  • Reduce debris field and amount of flowback material during production with dissolvable components
  • Intervention-less design reduces time and runs needed to start producing
  • Full bore ID immediately upon activation allowing for full production flow


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About This Product

The intelligent design of the EradicatR Sub System creates a stored energy potential directly above the burst disk sub system. Once the intervention-less system is activated, the stored energy can act directly upon the barrier utilizing an internal impact device eliminating any potential for partial break up. After activation the immediate location of this energy release maximizes the water hammer effect to assist in fully removing the internal barrier. The use of dissolvable materials reduces the amount of solids that must be recovered from the wellbore, further reducing overall risk to the operation. The unique materials and design features of the EradicatR Sub System ensures a complete break up and removal of the internal barrier upon activation.

Product Details

Pressure Rating 10,000 PSI 10,000 PSI 15,000 PSI
Size 2-3/8″ 2-7/8″ 2-3/8″
Max OD 3.06″ 3.67″ 3.188″
Min ID 2.00″ 2.50″ 2.00″
Overall Length 19.81″ 20.36″ 19.81″
Torsional Yield 2,300 ft/lbs 5,800 ft/lbs 2,300 ft/lbs
Top Connection 2-3/8-8″ EUE Box 2-7/8-8″ EUE Box  2-3/8-8″ EUE Box
Bottom Connection Mule Shoe Mule Shoe Mule Shoe
Tensile Yield 119,500 ft/lbs 236,500 ft/lbs 119,500 ft/lbs