• Time based logs to match surface data
  • Extended battery life
  • Pressure activated trigger
  • Redundant data set
  • Sub location at bit for most accurate data


  • Downhole data acquisition
  • Diagnosis of drilling disfunction
  • Optimization of BHA design in pre-job
  • Extending life of all components in BHA
  • Understanding of forces during various wellbore geometries


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About This Product

The WOS InterrogatR downhole memory sub allows placement of high frequency sensors directly in the drill string during the intense bottomhole environment of frac plug drillout operations. The self-contained sub records pressure, temperature, RPM, and 3-axis shock to its on-board memory for post-job data retrieval and analysis. The memory sub utilizes robust electronics, fittings, and housing designed specifically for WOS tools and drillout operations. Advanced features like extended battery life, pressure activation trigger, and redundant dataset recording permit high confidence in operational success with no intervention from wellsite personnel needed.

Product Details

Tool OD (in) 2.875 3.125
Tool IC (in) 0.75 0.75
Makeup Length (in) 17.375 17.75
Tensile Yield (ft-lb) 376,300 450,000
Torsional Yield (ft-lb) 6,856 7,800
Connections 2-3/8″ PAC 2-3/8″ REG
Max Temp (deg F) 300
Max Pressure (psi) 10,000
Memory Capacity (hr) 250+
Battery Capacity (hr) 400+