Casing CentralizR™


  • Increased impact resistance and effective abrasion resistance results in high durability
  • The dynamic blade design improves pressure drops, increased turbulent flow
  • Available with multiple running operations, floating or integral set screws
  • Tolerant to various climate conditions


  • Blade design increases standoff for better mud displacement and overall better cement job
  • Slip on design of lightweight materials allow for efficient, safe and repeatable make up
  • Manufactured by WOS to enhance repeatability and customization for specialty operations
  • Installation, handling and storage simplified over steel constructed competition
  • Does not confuse CCL


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Casing CentralizR™

About This Product

The WOS CentralizR enables casing strings to reach total depth efficiently, provides optimal standoff for mud displacement, and greatly enhances cementing operations. Made of injection molded, thermoplastic design, WOS introduces the next generation of composite centralizers. The one-piece molded CentralizR has a smooth and slick design, is heat resistant and highly durable.

Product Details

Casing Size (OD) 9-5/8” 5-1/2”
Min Hole Size (ID) 12.125” 8.313”
ID Thru Centralizer 9.787” 5.7”
Centralizer OD 12” 8”
Length 8″ 8″
Weight 5.7 lbs. 4.0 lbs.
Staked Optional Upon Request
Temperature Rating 400 degrees