Blow Out Preventer


  • 5,000 psi rated
  • 7-1/6” 5000# Double Ram and Spherical Annular
  • 4 stage diesel powered accumulator is compact skid mounted
  • Tested and inspected before every job by a 3rd party company
  • Available in multiple ram sizes


  • Regularly certified to increase reliability
  • Eliminate sudden and uncontrollable release of oil, gas, and other fluids, posing significant safety and environmental risks
  • Prevent and control potentially hazardous situations during drilling and well completion activities
  • Spherical seals reliably on almost any shape or size kelly, drill pipe, tool joint, drill collar, casing or wireline
  • Compact design saves space


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Blow Out Preventer


About This Product

Blowout preventers are a critical component of well control systems, and their proper functioning is crucial to prevent and mitigate the consequences of well blowouts. The WOS blow out preventer is safety equipment designed to prevent uncontrolled flow of formation fluids during completion and production operations. WOS owned, inspected and 3rd party certified can be trusted with the last line of defense during a well kick preventing a well control issue. WOS follows the strict requirements for the use, maintenance, and testing of blowout preventers to ensure the safety of oil and gas drilling operations.

Product Details

7-1/16” 5K Hydraulic Double Ram BOP 7-1/16” 5K Hydraulic Spherical Annular
Rating 5,000 psi 5,000 psi
Length 66″ N/A
Width 25″ 29″
Height 29″ 31″
Weight 2,954 lbs 3,063 lbs
Open Fluid Vol. .33 Gal 3.21 Gal
Closed Fluid Vol. .35 Gal 4.57 Gal
Top Connections 7-1/16” 5K Studded 7-1/16” 5K Studded
Bottom Connections 7-1/16” 5K Studded 7-1/16” 5K Flange