Trip SavR™


  • Single trip mill out and landing of the production tubing
  • Can be used in plug milling applications with or without a downhole motor
  • For operations inside if 4-1/2” casing
  • Additional sizes available upon request


  • Snub less drill out
  • No components flowed back to surface
  • Allow wells to be put on production immediately
  • Minimum tool ID 1.25”
  • Built in wireline re-entry guide
  • Only 15” of Trip SAVR tool left in hole (LIH) once deployed

Trip SavR™

About This Product

Single Trip to Production

The Workover Solutions Trip SAVR allows for plug milling and the landing of production tubing to be performed in one trip using an integral BHA. The BHA consists of a crossover to the production string on top, dual flapper safety valves, a ported sub and a pump off bit sub with a built-in wireline re-entry guide for the end of the production string.

The Trip SAVR can be run with or without a downhole motor for plug milling. During milling operations, the Trip SAVR is rated for pump rates and torsional values that exceed that of downhole motors and production strings. The built in dual flapper safety valves provide a well control barrier until the tubing is landed. Once tubing is landed a dissolvable ball is dropped to shift a mandrel through the safety valves, exposing a ported sub, which allows for production to start through the Trip SAVR tool. The ball eventually dissolves allowing for secondary production through the tool

Product Details

Tool Size 3-1/8”
Makeup length, in 70
Min ID, in 1.25
LIH Length, in 15
Operational Pump Rate, bpm 0-5
Weight, lbs 110
Max Operating Torque, lbf-ft 2,975
Top Connection 2-3/8” 8 RD Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8” PAC Pin or Box