TI Disk™


Maintaining a safe and reliable method to ensure that well control is attained is vital when running production tubing or a work string. The Workover Solutions Tubing Isolation Disk utilizes proven materials and designs to accomplish this mission reliably and effectively.


  • Built in Wireline re-entry guide
  • Can be setup for a variety of overbalance situations
  • Prevents well bore fluid from entering the work string
  • Available in mule show / box / pin connections
  • Impact resistant disk design fractures into small particles
  • Pressure or impact activated
  • Full bore ID post activation

TI Disk™

About This Product

The T.I. Disk can be activated with either impact or pressure by overbalancing the bottom hole pressure. The assembly utilizes a low overbalance pressure activation in order to avoid high tubing pressures. The T.I. Disk is available as a single barrier sub, a dual opposing barrier sub or can be setup to be used as a double barrier with two disks utilized in the same direction. Assemblies are also available in a variety of mule shoe, box and pin connections with 10,000psi and 15,000psi pressure ratings.

Product Details

Pressure Rating 10,000psi 15,000psi
Tool Size, in 2-3/8″ 2-7/8″ 2-3/8″ 2-7/8″
Series 238 288 238 288
Max OD, in 3.06 3.67 3.188 3.875
Min ID, in 2.00 2.50 2.00 2.50
Overall Tool Length, in 11.53 11.5 11.53 11.5
Shoulder to Shoulder Length, in. 9.83 9.61 9.83 9.61
Torsional Yield, ft.-lbs. 4,000 5,800 4,000 5,800
Top Connection 2-3/8-8 EUE Box 2-7/8-8 EUE Box 2-3/8-8 EUE Box 2-7/8-8 EUE Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8-8 EUE Pin 2-7/8-8 EUE Pin 2-3/8-8 EUE Pin 2-7/8-8 EUE Pin
Tensile Yield, lbf. 193,400 236,500 193,400 236,500