Rotary Jet


  • Cleaning out production tubing and high pressure jetting to casing & tubing ID
  • Re-stimulation applications by jetting perforations and acidizing
  • Ran in 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” production tubing and all casing sizes
  • Tool sizes include 1.25”, 1.69”, 2.13”, 2.5” and 2.88”


  • Perform cleanout run and re-stimulation operation in one run
  • Allows for radial coverage of the completion as well as down jetting
  • Compatible with standard completion fluids, acid and nitrogen
  • Ability to provide high pressure jetting below profiles

Rotary Jet

About This Product

Jetting Enhances Production

Older producing wells have several challenges during restimulation and cleanout operations. There is a need to not only clean through the production tubing to remove any sand or debris, but also a need to jet clean perforations. Conventional wash nozzles provide the ability to circulate completion fluids but do not provide any high pressured jetting to the ID of the casing and the tubing.

The WOS Rotary Jet tool provides high pressure jetting coupled with rotation to ensure positive cleaning throughout the well. There are both radial jets and down jets in order to remove debris in front of the tool and around the nozzle. The jetting action provides an extremely high pressure drop which in turn creates a high exit velocity which proves beneficial when cleaning the tubing walls below any restrictions as well as the perforations or open hole.

This tool is designed to handle pumping fresh water, brine, acid or nitrogen while still providing full rotation and therefore coverage of the entire wellbore.