PulverizR™ PDC Bits


  • Balanced design with general purpose cutting structure and cutter technology
  • Optimized PDC cutter to minimize cutting size
  • Drilling and Completions bits designed for specific applications
  • Cutter types, layout and geometry are continuously evaluated for performance


  • No moving parts eliminates cones left downhole
  • No rev limit allows to drill further longer
  • Effective in both stickpipe drill string and coiled tubing conveyance
  • Available as a thru tubing, drilling and cleanout options – 1.71” – 12.25”


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PulverizR™ PDC Bits

About This Product

The WOS line of PulverizR PDC bits cover a wide range of operation types from conventional drilling to unconventional drillouts. Bits engineered and manufactured 100% in house by WOS are designed for long service time and high working efficiency in various downhole environments. Eliminating the risk of losing a cone, these fixed bits are engineered for performance, consistency and durability. Available in several configurations including tubing remediation, frac plug removal and formation drilling.

Product Details

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