POWR Motors


  • Available in all standard connections in various sizes
  • Reliable and consistent with thousands of runs
  • Integrated rotor catch
  • Multiple power sections options available
  • Engineered for high torsional and tensile ratings
  • Flexible subs built into tools to add in bending
  • Hard banding top sub to reduce OD wear


  • One run long lateral and high plug count wells reduce the need for trips
  • All motors dyno tested before heading to location ensuring stated motor performance
  • Specialty motors available for application up to 7bpm
  • Specialty ODs available for slim hole applications
  • Utilized on all WOS record-breaking high plug count and long lateral applications


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POWR Motors

powr motor

About This Product

The WOS engineered and manufactured PowR downhole motors are the product of years of data and development in the drillout sector. The simplicity and durability of our motors provides us with a consistently reliable, high-performance, cost-effective motor. For our customers, this means less non-productive time and fast, clean mill outs. WOS motors hold numerous records for time in hole and plug count drilled out in a single run. Workover Solutions proprietary motor design are wholly manufactured, serviced and fully supported in-house by WOS engineers and technicians.

Product Details

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