Paladin Frac & Bridge Plug


  • Comprised of magnesium and dissolvable polymer materials
  • Rated for environments of up to 200° F
  • Carefully selected slip button material to allow for better anchoring and reduced risk of slippage
  • Configurable to allow for pump down ring usage


  • Utilizes the same wireline adapter kit as the 5-1/2 Abrams Composite
  • Magnesium ball on seat option reduces pump time and water usage
  • Constant evolution of plugs based on previous jobs
  • Low specific gravity allows for material to float back to surface


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Paladin Frac & Bridge Plug

About This Product

As well trajectories and associated lengths continue to increase in complexity, the dissolvable plug market requires a solution that enhances operational efficiencies throughout frac and drill-out operations. With comprehensive backgrounds in both plug manufacturing and operations, WOS has designed a fully dissolvable plug that keeps both the completion and interventions teams in mind. The Paladin Dissolvable Frac & Bridge Plug combines years of industry expertise into a product that is reliable, efficient, and adjustable based on customer needs. All plugs are designed in-house by WOS, thus allowing for exclusive customization for specialty operations.

Product Details

Plug OD/Type 2.650 Frac 2.650 Bridge 4.375 Frac
Casing Range 3-1/2 9.2-9.3# 3-1/2 9.2-9.3# 5-1/2 17-23#
Pressure Rating 10,000 PSI 10,000 PSI 10,000 PSI
Temp Rating 70° – 250° F 70° – 250° F 70° – 200° F
Ball OD 0.75 n/a 1.5
Setting Tool 2-1/8 MSST 2-1/8 MSST No. 20 or Shorty