• Opening collapsed casing
  • Quick removal of sludge, cement, sand and gravel
  • Milling scale
  • Fracturing ceramic disks
  • Shifting Sleeves (without rotational feature engaged)
  • Pushing debris to bottom
  • When jarring is needed


  • Produces high energy impacts
  • No elastomers (for harsh environments)
  • Compatible with most bits/mills and fluids
  • Full flow capability on or off bottom
  • Optional Rotation
  • Remains in neutral position until resistance encountered
  • Temperature rated to 500F
  • Impact and frequency adjusted by flow rate


About This Product

High Energy ImpactR

The WOS single ImpactR delivers a high energy impact downwards with optional rotation while removing the need for a power section. Powered by the fluid pumped through the work string, impact frequency is controlled by volume and weight on bit. Resistance at the bit/mill head initiates continuous reciprocating of the impactor bit/mil without the need to work the string. If the rotational feature is engaged, a rotation of the bit/mill is completed on each upward stroke.

Product Details

Tool Size, in 1-11/16 2-1/8 2-7/8
Series 170 213 288
Operational Flow Range, gpm 20-60 20-60 20-80
Rotation Per Impact, degrees 15-60 15-60 15-60
Frequency of impact, hz 10 10 10
Max Impact Force, lbf 15,000 15,000 20,000
Load Required to Activate, lbs 65 65 65
Top Connection, in 1 AM MT Box 1-1/2 AM MT Box 2-3/8 AM MT Box
Bottom Connection, in 0.992-10 Sub ACME-2G Pin 0.992-10 Sub ACME-2G Pin 1.608-6 Sub ACME-2G Pin
Max Overpull, lbf 43,450 83,370 51,060