I.H. Series Jars™


  • Can be ran in operations needing bidirectional, unidirectional or bumper jars
  • Proven reliable design for milling operations with hard hitting extended reach tools
  • Stroke length and jarring ability similar to competitors with reduced overall length
  • Patented variable shear screw design
  • Built in flex sub


  • Locked to prevent premature activation while running in hole
  • Reduced overall length without loss in performance
  • Field proven to deliver hundreds of hits over multiple days without a loss in performance
  • Ready to fire during all phases of the operation eliminating cycle time
  • Flexibility in direction allows for jar to be utilized in any operation


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I.H. Series Jars™

About This Product

The Workover Solutions Igneous HAMMR Jars can be used for fishing, workover and frac plug milling operations on both coiled tubing and stick pipe operations. The WOS Jars are robust, dependable; provide a high jarring impact while maintaining a short overall length. They are conventionally run as bidirectional hydraulic jars but can easily be converted to be unidirectional jars, for fishing operations, or as bumper jars. The WOS Jars are unique since they can be pinned in the closed position prior to operations. In doing so this eliminates some of the internal seal failures associated with jars being ran on milling operations with extended reach tools. The result is a jar that is ready to fire at all phases of the operation.

Product Details

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