Hybrid Drillout System


  • Single trip mill out and landing of the production tubing
  • Dual flapper system ensures well control throughout the operation
  • Incorporates a mixed string design of standard drill pipe and production tubing
  • Ball drop system allow for retrieval and drop off of essential tools
  • The Hybrid System can be run with or without a downhole motor for plug milling


  • Maintains a pipe-heavy scenario throughout operation eliminating the cause for pipe ejection and injury
  • Drives down cost and increases safety by reducing costly pipe trips
  • Significantly reduces the handling of, and risks associated with, tubulars
  • Eliminates the dangers associated with working over a live well
  • Allows for wells to be put on production immediately


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Hybrid Drillout System

About This Product

The Workover Solutions Hybrid Drillout System allows for plug milling and the landing of production tubing to be performed in one trip using an integral BHA. During milling
operations, the Hybrid System is rated for pump rates and torsional values that exceed that of downhole motors and production strings. The built-in dual flapper safety valves
provide a well control barrier until the tubing is landed. Once tubing is landed a dissolvable ball is dropped to shift a mandrel through the safety valves, exposing a ported sub, which allows for production to start through the Hybrid tool. The ball eventually dissolves allowing for secondary production through the tool.

Product Details

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