HP Jetting


The Workover Solutions High Pressure (HP) Jetting Circ Sub provides a secondary circulation path when conventional circulation is lost or not needed with the added benefit of having access to a jetting sub when doing so. By simply dropping a 5/8” ball and pressuring up, this shifts the piston inside the tool which gives access to the radial jets. All fluid or nitrogen pumped from surface is diverted out the HP jets which can be used to jet the wellbore clean.


  • Assists in hole cleaning
  • Simple design and operation for reliable performance
  • Variable pinning based on well conditions
  • Compatible with all common completion fluids

HP Jetting

About This Product

Differential Pressure Activated

The HP Jetting Circ Sub is equipped with the jet nozzles which give access to parts of the well that can’t be accessed with typical mechanical and hydraulic cleanout techniques. The jet nozzles aid in the removal of scale, hard packed debris, paraffins, and any other debris in the wellbore that are difficult to millup, or simply not accessible to, with a mill. Secondly, the jets can be used to cleanup near wellbore damage at the perforations to aid in re-establishing contribution from older, lower contributing, sets of perforations. Lastly, the jets are compatible with all common wellbore fluids which allow for HP jetting of fluids that aid in dissolving any skin that may be present.

Product Details

Tool Size, in 3-1/8
Series 313
Min ID, in 0.54
Overall Tool Length, in 16.75
Ball Size, in 0.63
Pressure to Shear Screws, psi 740-4,430
Torsional Yield, ft-lbs 7,600
Top Connection 2-3/8-8 REG Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8-8 REG Pin
Max Over-pull, lbf 200,000