HAMMR Drill™


  • Drilling cement
  • Milling Composite Plugs or CIBP’s
  • Milling Packers, Retainers, etc.
  • Milling casing, or frac sleeves
  • Milling out wellbore obstructions
  • Scale / Hard debris Removal


  • Increases Energy at the bit for a 20% to 60% increase in ROP
  • Protects against motor stalling and bit stuck situations
  • Reduction in friction between work string and casing wall
  • Reduces non-productive time
    • Not necessary to trip since it would operate as a performance motor in the event of accelerated hammer mass wear
  • Activates only when resistance at the bit/mill is encountered
  • Requires less specific energy to drill
  • Adjustable impact force
  • Replaceable wear components

HAMMR Drill™

About This Product

HAMMR Drill Series Motor

The Workover Solutions HAMMR Drill Thru-Tubing motor combines the function of a percussion hammer with the drilling action of a mud motor. This technology allows for torque, RPM, hammer mass and vibration to be utilized during drilling operations. During operations the hammer functionality only activates when the bit / mill is met with resistance.

The HAMMR Drill uses a mud lubricated cam mechanism powered by the rotor of the motor to accelerate the hammer mass. The hammer mass strikes the bit box several times per second, delivering an intense percussion force overlaid on the bit or mill. In addition, the reactive percussion forces cause the motor housing and drill string to vibrate, reducing friction between the work string and casing. This allows for maximum weight on bit to be transmitted during drilling operations. The HAMMR Drill is currently available in both 2-7/8” and 3- 1/8” versions.

Product Details

Tool Size, in 2-7/8 3-1/8
Makeup Length, in 182 194
Flow Rate, bpm 3.0 – 5.0 3.0 – 5.0
Frequency, hz 7 – 15 9 – 17
Weight, lbs 290 350
Tensile Yield, lbf 128,000 152,000
Torsional Yield, ft-lb 1,500 3,000
Tool Connections 2-3/8” REG Box x Pin 2-3/8” REG Box x Pin