• Downhole operations where washout of existing valves would be of concern
  • Any downhole operation in which a secondary well control device would be desired


  • Deployable Backup Dual Flapper Check Valves
  • Large Diameter Bore prevents pressure increase
  • Compact Design
  • Captures 1” activation ball, allows for passage of ¾” ball for tools below
  • Rebuilt, pressure tested and inspected by trained WOS personnel.


About This Product

Contigency Well Control

The Workover Solutions Guardian is an on-demand set of contingency Dual Flapper check valves that can be run in the tool string as a backup well control device. It is run in the passive mode and remains as such until activated by dropping a 1” ball which is then captured within the tool so as to not interfere with ball drop activated tools run beneath. Furthermore, the Guardian will allow for the passing of up to a ¾” ball through the assembly for activation of tools below when desired without adverse effect.

The Guardian is based on the same dependable design principles utilized in the WOS Dual and Quad flapper assemblies offering a seamless operation from one tool to the next should the contingency valves need to be activated. The assembly uses Viton seals and Orings for compatibility with harsh fluid.

Product Details

Tool Size, in 3-1/8
Max OD, in 3.13
Min ID, in 0.83
Overall Tool Length, in 26.04
Shoulder to Shoulder Length, in 23.1
Torsional Yield, ft-lbs 5,760
Top Connection 2-3/8-8 REG Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8-8 REG Pin
Tensile Yield, Ibf 282,600