• Deployable backup dual flapper check valves
  • Large diameter bore prevents pressure increase
  • Compact design
  • Captures 1” activation ball, allows for passage of 3⁄4” ball for tools below
  • Rebuilt, pressure tested and inspected by trained WOS personnel
  • Utilizes Viton seals and o-rings for compatibility with harsh fluid


  • Allows for continued drilling in the case of a flapper valve washout
  • Prevents tripping pipe in the event of a washout
  • Ensure well control with a passive set of valves
  • Secondary well control device increasing safety
  • Low cost value to limit high cost risk of well control issues
  • Ball drop design reduces time to activate check valves and continue drilling


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About This Product

The Workover Solutions Guardian System is an on-demand set of contingency dual flapper check valves that can be run in the tool string as a backup well control device. It is run in the passive mode and remains as such until activated by dropping a 1” ball which is then captured within the tool to not interfere with ball drop activated tools run beneath. Furthermore, the Guardian will allow for the passing of up to a 3⁄4” ball through the assembly for activation of tools below when desired without adverse effect.

Product Details

Tool Size 3-1/8″
Max OD 3.13″
Min ID 0.83″
Overall Length 26.04″
Torsional Yield 5,760 ft-lbs
Top Connection 2-3/8″ REG Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8″ REG Pin
Tensile 282,600 ft/lbs