• Milling applications with rate limited tools below the GovernR™
  • Milling applications where increased AV’s are needed to aid in hole cleaning
    • Heavy sand / Wellbore debris / Frac plug cuttings


  • Avoids the need to drop a ball during operations
  • Can be ran with standard completion fluids and / or nitrogen
  • Can be setup to open and close at predetermined pressures
  • Generous flow ports to prevent motor stalls in high flow rate situations
  • Internally dampened to allow for use with Extended Reach Tools such as the WOS
  • EaZyDrill or specialty milling tools such as the WOS HammRDrill.
  • The compact design minimizes additional length and rigidity added to the BHA as compared to similar tools.


About This Product

Divert Flow the Smart Way

Certain milling or cleanout operations require an increase in annular velocity to ensure adequate hole cleaning. Whether limited by a downhole motor or extended reach tool the ability to bypass some of the fluid above these tools through a sub that allows for increased pump rates and thus an increase in annular velocities is a crucial aspect of removing debris from the wellbore.

Product Details

Tool Size 2-7/8” 3-1/8”
Max OD, in 2.88 3.13
Max ID, in 1.13 1.13
Overall Tool Length, in 23.75 32.27
Shoulder to Shoulder Length, in 21.37 29.39
Torsional Yield, ft-lbs 4,000 3,900
Top Connection 2-3/8” PAC Box 2-3/8” REG Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8” PAC Pin 2-3/8” REG Pin
Tensile Yield, lbf. 93,000 105,000