External Cutting Tool


  • Cutting and washing operations in one run.
  • Fishing 1.9” 8RD or 2-3/8” 8RD.
  • Able to release from fish and automatically return to the catch position.

External Cutting Tool

About This Product

Single Trip Washover and External Cutting Tool

This tool is unique in that it combines a wash and cutting run into one thus decreasing the rig time on this type of fishing operation. Typical operations call for a wash over run to be done separately to the external cutting run. Secondly, they require the wash over run to be deeper than the cutting run to ensure the area where the cut is being performed is free from wellbore debris. Lastly, once engaged for a cut, the cutters are unable to release from the fish. If the cut is not performed the tubing or the cutting tool needs to be damaged in order to release from the fish.

The Single Trip Wash over and External Cutting Tool has a releasable feature which decreases the risks and costs associated with unsuccessful cut runs. By simply applying right handed rotation while picking up the fish is released. The overshot will then automatically return to the catch position after releasing. The knives in the tool are protected during wash operations and are fed with a spring to ensure no overloading is applied during cutting operations.

Product Details

Outside Diameter 4.125”
Inside Diameter 3.375”
Length 52”
Tubing Cut Size 1.9” to 2-3/8”
Max Load, lbs 15,000
Max Cut Length 1,000 (2-3/8”) to 1,500 of 1.9”
Max Cutting Load 3000 lbs.
Cutting Speed 20-100 RPM