Bit SavR™


  • Extended milling applications where bit life is a concern.
  • Complex milling applications where bit wear must be closely monitored
    • Long Laterals / High Stage Counts / Use of Roller Cone bits


  • Reduces the potential need to make a bit trip
  • Extends the useable life a bit
  • Can be ran with standard completion fluids and / or nitrogen
  • Can be setup to open and close at predetermined weights
  • Compatible for use with Extended Reach Tools such as the WOS EaZyDrill or specialty milling tools such as the WOS HammRDrill.
  • The compact design minimizes additional length and rigidity added to the BHA

Bit SavR™

About This Product

Prevent Premature Bit Wear

The life of a bit varies greatly and is affected by many variables such as environment, application and even procedure. The amount of bit wear is a constant unknown during the operation until the BHA is back on surface. This leaves the operator with only returns on surface and ROP as an indication of bit condition.

The proprietary WOS BitSavR is a Smart Sub that helps take the guess work out of controlling bit wear. The smart sub opens and closes based on the transfer of weight at the bit. The BitSavR can be set for varying weight on bit activation as preferred by the operator. This allows for an indication of applied WOB on surface in order to more effectively control the amount of weight being transferred to the bit. This increased control directly increases the ability of the operator to target weight application and control the amount of wear that is being experienced. The increased ability to control wear will extend the useable life of bits as well as reduce the amount of time necessary to complete a drill out operation.

Product Details

Tool Size 3-1/8”
Max OD, in 3.13
Max ID, in 1.00
Overall Tool Length, in 46.72
Shoulder to Shoulder Length, in 43.85
Torsional Yield, ft-lbs 5,500
Top Connection 2-3/8” REG Box
Bottom Connection 2-3/8” REG Pin
Tensile Yield, lbf 161,200