Abrams Frac Plug


  • 5-1/2″ Composite frac plugs for extra fine drillings and extended bit life
  • For 5-1/2″ 20 & 23# casing when staying at set depth is important
  • 17# coming soon


  • Mitigate premature settings
  • Avoid slippage with application optimized buttons
  • Circulate plug debris more efficiently
  • Extend bit life
  • Mandrel lock keeps stump from free spinning
  • Made by WOS in Houston, TX

Abrams Frac Plug

About This Product

Composite and dissolvable frac plugs designed to enhance operational efficiencies throughout the frac and drill out operations. These next generation frac plugs utilize WOS’ exclusive injection molded, thermoplastics design to provide the lowest specific gravity, smallest, most uniform cuttings in the industry. Designed with mill and plug engineers to bring the best possible plug to the completions and production teams.

Product Details

Pressure rating 10K
Temp Rating 200F
Total length of the plug 22.8″
Plug OD 4.38″
Weight 10.3lbs.
Ball OD 1-1/2″
Max wireline run speed 500 FPM
Landing ball rates 15- 20 BPM
Pump down rings available upon request.
Ball in place (BIP) or Ball drop (BD) activation
Dual slip design with anti-presets
54 slips per plug