Our HAMMR Drill motor combines the function of a percussion hammer with the drilling action of a drilling motor.
The HAMMR Drill motor uses a mud lubricated cam mechanism powered by the rotor of the motor to accelerate the hammermass.
The hammermass strikes the bit box several times per second, delivering an intense percusion force overlayed on the bit or mill. In addition, reactive percussion forces cause the motor housing and drill string to vibrate, reducing friction between the wellbore and drill string or coiled tubing. Designed for long-life, the hammermass and thrust bearing balls act as wear components and are easily replaced and serviced.

Tool Size, in [mm] 2-7/8
Series 288 313
Overall length, ft1 [m] 6.88 + L
[2.10 + L]
6.7 + L
[2.04 + L]
Top Sub Connection, in 2-3/8 PAC Box 2-3/8 REG Box
Bottom Pin Connection, in 2-3/8 PAC Box 2-3/8 REG Box
Impact force at bit, lbf [daN] 15,000
Frequency of impact, Hz2 7-15 5-15
Max Torque, ft-lbs [N.m] 1,200
Max Certified Overpull, lbf [daN]3 128,000

EaZy Drill

EaZy to Reach TD

The Workover Solutions EaZy Drill is a friction reducing tool that enhances weight transfer and extends coiled tubing reach to achieve TD. The EaZy Drill provides pressure pulsation which aids in friction reduction as well as provides an axial force in order to increase weight transfer at the bit.
The WOS EaZy Drill can be used on both coiled tubing and stickpipe extended reach applications. The 2.88” EaZy Drill is unique in that it is rated for up to 4 bpm to allow for maximum hole cleaning and it has a built in flex sub.

Tools Size, in 2.88
Makeup length, in 71.2
Flow rate (bpm) 2.5 – 4.0
Avg. pressure (psi) 1000 – 1200
Frequency (Hz) 2 – 4
Weight, lbs 80.2
Tensile yield, lbf 186,000
Torsional Yield, ft-lb 3100
Tool connections 2-3/8” PAC
Box x Pin